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Resolutions passed at the 2014 convention


These are the resolutions which passed at the 2014 convention. Passage required 60% of those voting. Passed resolutions will be passed on to the state DFL Platform Commission for the ballot at the state convention. **AA** means a resolution was for the Action Agenda. Other resolutions are for the party platform.

Agriculture & Food

We Support: Legislation requiring all foods containing genetically engineered ingredients be labeled as such.
We Support: A range of post-secondary agricultural education programs in public colleges and universities, including organic practices, sustainable food production, integrated livestock and cropping systems, permaculture and family-scale farm management. **AA**


Video from 2014 fundraiser


This is video from the 2014 spaghetti dinner and silent auction. We didn't manage to get all the speakers, but we got a bit more than half. Candidates who want to use clips of themselves are free to do so. Photos from last year's fundraiser are here.



Political Contribution Refund Program


Contribute to our local Senate District 63 DFL Party, and do it for free.

Every year, Minnesotans can contribute $50 per individual or $100 per couple to the state candidate or political party unit of their choice – and get it refunded right back within weeks.

Participating in the Political Contribution Refund program is easy: just fill out this form and send it in with your emailed contribution receipt. 


this gets you this
The Political Contribution Refund is back!

My Community SD63 Coloring Books


My Community coloring book cover

The SD63* coloring and puzzle books are in! Made by us, for...well, anybody who wants one, no children with crayons necessary. We'll be selling them at events, but no need to wait. Click the button and buy one now for just $5+shipping. Your money goes to support the work of the SD63* DFL! My Community is pictures and puzzles from right here, which you won't find anywhere else. Buying one shows pride in your community! Not buying one .... best not  to think about that. Click the image for a larger view.

skater at Sibley Parkmaze: help the legislators find the capitol



*They were printed when most of SD63 was still SD62, so they have a now incorrect number. They color the same though, and still look like our community.


Video of 2013 Keith Ellison Labor Day BBQ


This is video we shot at the 2013 annual Keith Ellison Labor Day BBQ. Speakers included Keith Ellison and Gov. Mark Dayton, and a performance by Charlie Maguire. This was at Wabun Picnic Area in Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis.



SD63 voter registration project


SD63 DFL has spent much of 2013 working on a voter registration project, where we not only sought to register eligible voters, including some who hadn't registered even during a presidential year, but to gather data about about unregistered people. We're learning about who isn't registered, where they are in our district, why they aren't registered, and how to persuade them. We developed scripts and forms, tested methods with small-scale doorknocks, and then had full-scale doorknocks to gather data and registrations. We'll make our forms and methods available to other DFLers. Join our Yahoo Group for access once everything is posted there, or if you're not in SD63, contact the chair at chair @

These photos are from our doorknocks. We BBQ'd for volunteers, and the last time we had a weenie roast. Click the photo to enlarge.



after the doorknockgroup photo

Ellison campaign summer staffgroup photo

firepit for weenie roastdoorknock BBQ


Come join us on Yahoo!


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Keith Ellison and John Marty at our health insurance reform forum

Keith Ellison and John Marty at our health insurance reform forum


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